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New: Version 7.4.3 now available

Do you find yourself working with text or emails with extra characters in them, text that has a carriage return at end of every line, text that uses the wrong kind of quoting (curly or straight) for your needs, or text with one of a hundred different glitches?

TextSoap helps you fix up all those goofy things you deal with every day when you work with text. TextSoap cleans up your text, all while maintaining your text's font styles. TextSoap also helps you take control of formatting your text.

The Scrub cleaner fixes up the most common formatting problems you may encounter with text. The 100+ built-in one-click cleaners make for an easy use approach. Or create shareable custom cleaners (filters) to help automate virtually any text changes you find yourself repeating. Create it once and apply it many times using a single-click.

If you use text and routinely find yourself going through each paragraph, removing characters or making repeated changes, then save yourself time and effort with TextSoap.


  • Cleans up rich text of unwanted characters or formatting issues
  • Works great with just plain text
  • Create your own custom cleaners for your specific needs
  • Use batch file cleaning easily process a whole collection of files
  • Use with TextSoap Menu to provide TextSoap functionality inside your favorite app


  • Built with Unicode support from day one
  • Match almost anything with help from regular expressions
  • Find and change text based on its style
  • Take control over changing text character styles
  • Powerful 'conditionals' bring powerful if-then behavior to your text transformations
  • Interactively test regular expression results with built-in Regex lab
  • Create custom groups to provide quick access to the cleaners you need


TextSoap is amazing. Our research team used it to successfully clean over 12,000 txt files downloaded from the web, each one full html code, irrelevant characters, and other "noise." TextSoap took a task that could have derailed the entire effort, and completed it in minutes. Every new version adds features that are well conceived and extremely well implemented. Customer support is the BEST I have ever seen in commercial software. Simply put: if you have single file that needs to be cleaned, or thousands like us, you need this program.
-- Jonathan Sims, PhD Student,
McCombs School of Business,
University of Texas at Austin


You have done an awesome job with this product! I am amazed each time I download an update. Your creativity and attention to details has allowed you to produce a product that is supremely superb! It has a well put together friendly user interface with a ton (so to speak) of functions to help the user with all the most common daily tasks of cleaning up data. Thank you so much for all the great work that you've done, and I'm sure will continue to do in the future.
-- Judy Burns, Sacramento

The new version, 5.5, is awesome. It's good to look at, easy to work with, faster overall, and doubles the attractiveness and value of TextSoap. "Bravo!" really understates the applause you folks deserve for this upgrade, which you should have charged for! I will tell as many friends as I can about TextSoap. Bravo!
-- Tom Brown, Louisville

Wow. I am really, really impressed with 5.5. The ability to tag text based on style is exactly the kind of functionality that I've been hoping for since I bought TextSoap. Particularly with 5.5, I think TextSoap is a must-have for anyone who publishes text to the internet.
-- Ian Beck, Walla Walla

My favorite way to clean up this text is the aptly named TextSoap 5. Simply paste your text into the TextSoap window and then select your favorite cleaner (a set of rules that tells TextSoap exactly what to do with the text); your text is quickly tidied, ready to be pasted wherever you like.

Is there anything less sexy than a text cleaning application? On Windows as well as on Mac OS X we have TextSoap, a small nifty piece of code that removes superfluous paragraph markers, straightens quotes or vice versa, and a lot more. TextSoap used to be a bit dull --useful but not much thrilling to look at. Version 5 adds some nifty features that will make you look.

Now, in its fifth re-incarnation, TextSoap is more of a full-blown text manipulator than a mere text cleaner. Especially the manipulation capabilities for HTML are impressive, but TextSoap feels equally well at home with Plists.

For such dull and seemingly simple operations like cleaning text and manipulating strings, TextSoap is the powerhouse you can't live without.
-- Erik Vlietinck, IT Enquirer

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