Note: You may be asked to re-enter your license code after this update. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Version 8.0.2 (2045)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Cleaner list item names sometimes remained truncated after sidebar resize.
  • Fixed: Closing custom cleaner editor could cause crash in some cases if no author was specified.
  • Fixed: Printing dialog causes ambiguous layout error.
  • Fixed: Documents would not print correctly.
  • Fixed: Clipboard Workspace print option was disabled.
  • Fixed: Issues with custom cleaner names within custom groups.
  • Fixed: TextSoap Menu palette would not properly display.
  • Fixed: TextSoap Menu would not dynamically reflect changes in custom cleaners or groups.
  • Fixed: Custom cleaners in search matches were not sorted.
  • Fixed: Custom cleaners did not display correctly on re-launch.
  • Fixed: Custom cleaner editor window position and size are now saved.
  • Fixed: Batch Processor window did not accept individual text files via drag-n-drop.
  • Fixed: A crash when batch processing files & folders.
  • Fixed: Launching TextSoap from TextSoap Menu would not always show app menu.
  • Fixed: TextSoap Menu was not automatically updated if it was previously launched.


  • Change: Action note icon updated. Now indicates if there is a note attached.
  • Change: User note for action will display as a tooltip for the note icon.
  • Change: Find field in actions can be made larger using grow icon (mountain).
    • Click icon to grow field size by one line.
    • Cmd-Click to shrink field size by one line.
  • Change: When displaying Standard group within TextSoap Menu, if there are a large number of custom cleaners, they are displayed in a sub-menu named "Custom Cleaners".

Version 8.0.1 (2034)


  • New: File > Import... menu item to access cleaner importer.
  • New: File > Export... menu item to access cleaner exporter.
  • New: File > New > Custom Cleaner menu item to create a new custom cleaner.
  • New: File > New > Custom Group menu item to create a new custom group.

  • Changed: If previous database (v6,v7) found, will prompt to import previous cleaners at launch.

  • Changed: Window > "Customize Navigator" renamed to Window > "Custom Cleaners & Groups…" to make functionality more explicit. The name change is also visible in the Groups popup menu in the cleaner list sidebar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: App would not always properly activate on launch (stayed in background, menu issues).
  • Fixed: Clipboard Workspace did not remember its size and position.
  • Fixed: Clipboard Workspace did not honor default font settings for new docs.
  • Fixed: Clipboard Workspace did not honor default zoom preference.
  • Fixed: New Documents were not honoring default zoom preference.
  • Fixed: New Documents were not honoring default font settings for new docs (based on type of document).
  • Fixed: Importing previous cleaners didn't correctly convert Ignore Case option to new Match Case for Find actions. Please re-import your cleaners to correct this issue.
  • Fixed: Corrected typo for "Capitalize with Title Case" cleaner.
  • Fixed: Imported custom groups were not properly saved.
  • Fixed: Custom Text Wrap action was not using the value specified.
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks to Text action wipes out any hyperlink used.
  • Fixed: Extract middle characters action did not use correct start position.
  • Fixed: Multiple uses of "Markdown Text" cleaner could result in stray characters.
  • Fixed: Potential crash under certain conditions with "Markdown Text" cleaner (when appending text).
  • Fixed: Importing a previous database library (TS6 or TS7) would not properly pick up the custom cleaner names, leaving UUIDs instead. To fix, remove your previous custom groups and re-import them.
  • Fixed: Custom cleaners were not always showing up in some cleaner lists (like TextSoap Menu prefs).
  • Fixed: Closing editor could cause crash if no author was specified.

Steps to re-import older TextSoap database

If you need to re-import your older TextSoap 6 or 7 database, here is how you can do it.

  1. File > Import...
  2. Select your textsoap7.textsoapdata file (it's at ~/Library/Application Support/TextSoap/) and click "Review Items"
  3. You see all the cleaners and groups in the file, select them All
  4. Check the "Replace existing without prompts" options (otherwise it will ask to replace every cleaner/group).
  5. Click "Import Selected"

Version 8.0 (2020)


  • New: New content-focused interface. Stripped away a lot of the interface chrome.
  • New: Regular expression syntax coloring and validation to quickly spot common errors.
  • New: Customize Navigator provides simple access to user's' customized data
  • New: Easily import/export multiple cleaners with libraries.
  • New: Many of the customer requested cleaners added.
  • Improved: Rewritten custom cleaner editor.
  • Improved: Custom group editor.
  • Improved: TextSoap Menu options now integreated into preferences.

Text Editor

  • New: Option to show line numbers.
  • New: Option to toggle whether text wraps to window.
  • New: Supports opening/saving these file types:
    • Microsoft Word 97 (.doc) Document
    • Microsoft Word 2003 (.xml) Document
    • Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) Document
    • OpenDocument Text (.odt) Document
    • Note: Conversion of these file types is limited to same level of functionality supported by TextEdit.
  • New: Commands to move selected line(s) up & down (#513).
  • New: Command to select line/paragraph at cursor (#516).
  • New: Paste Over Command (#484).
  • New: Live preview merges shows interactive matches, including regular expressions.
  • New: Captured group results are now available for each match (when using regular expressions).
  • Improved: Word count handling, esp. in very large documents.
  • Improved: Find/Cleaner palette sidebar is now resizable.

Sidebar (Assistant)

  • Cleaner List
    • Filter applies to current group and also appends any matches from library.
    • Group names are now sorted within each category (built-in, user).
    • Library cleaners are now sorted.
  • Find
    • Live Preview shows you matches as you type (integrated Regex Lab from TextSoap 7).
    • Syntax highlighter for regular expressions and replacement strings.
    • Highlights common errors found in expressions (such as unmatched parentheses, incomplete properties, character classes).
    • Option to display captured values of expression matches.

Customize Navigator

  • New: Navigator provides simple point access to:
  • New: Import/Export of Cleaners & Libraries
    • Libraries
    • New: Save multiple cleaners into a single Library file.
    • New: Import multiple cleaners from a single Library file.
  • Edit custom cleaners
  • Edit custom groups

New Cleaners Added

  • Normalize Dates to MM-DD-YYYY Format cleaner.
  • Normalize Dates to DD-MM-YYYY Format cleaner.
  • Normalize Dates to YYYY-MM-DD Format cleaner.
  • Capitalize Lines : Useful for song lyrics or various lists, takes each line and capitalizes it.
  • Fix Jammed Words : attempts to fix up words that are jammed together. It uses the spell check to look at words marked as misspelled that could be fixed by simply adding a space between them.
  • Reverse All Characters
  • Reverse Word Order
  • Reverse Characters in Each Word
  • Word Count - Notification : uses OS X User Notification to display word count of selected text.
  • Word Count - Remove All Notifications : removes all TextSoap word count notifications.
  • Strip Diacritic Marks : strip off any diacritic marks from text. ü becomes u, é becomes e, etc.
  • Make Unicode Names : convert unicode characters to their unicode name. 😀 becomes \N{GRINNING FACE}.

Misc Changes

  • New Dates Group with date related cleaners.
  • Capitalize Sentences no longer converts sentence to lowercase first. Use Capitalize Sentences (Alt) to continue this behavior.
  • Added additional capitalized tech names.

New and Improved Actions

  • Actions are now color-coded.
  • Find and Replace fields are now syntax colored for special characters and regular expressions.
  • A new Copy Text to Clipboard action
  • Capitalize Common Tech Names updated with additional names.

New Custom Cleaner Editor

  • A complete new user experience.
  • Each cleaner receives its own window to work in.
  • Larger text fields make everything easier to read.
  • Syntax coloring for regular expressions.
  • Actions are now truly hierarchical, allowing conditionals and others to embedded actions.
  • Embedded actions are included when you drag-n-drop top-level action.
  • Named Group action allows for arbitrary embedding of actions.
  • When you disable a Named Group, all the actions embedded within are disabled.
  • Color-coded actions based on category of action.
  • Many titles now show additional information about settings defined the action.
  • Titles can be customized by user.
  • Macros offer a simpler approach to repeated actions (vs. subroutines).
  • Action list can now be categorized into: All, Actions, Cleaners.
  • New batch list editor makes it easier to work with large lists of data.
  • Supports copy/paste using tab-delimited format
  • Supports find and replace within the list
  • List editor supports option to find using only specified columns