TextSoap Express title image

TextSoap Express provides you with robust plain text processing draped in an elegantly simple interface. Great when you just need the basics for text without fonts, styles or colors.

  • Simple to use–copy, paste, clean
  • Great for the occasional user
  • One click access to 50+ built-in cleaners
  • Built-in groups to quickly find cleaners
  • Support for regular expressions
  • Five (5) user customizable cleaners
  • Ten (10) core text actions available to manipulate text
  • Limited to plain text, no printing

Comparing TextSoap Express to TextSoap

Simple interface**
Once click access to cleaners**
Supports plain text**
Supports Unicode**
Built-in cleaners50+100+
Customizable cleaners5unlimited
Supports rich text
(fonts, styles, colors)
OS X Services support *
Printing support *
Clipboard workspace *
Regular expression lab *
Customizable groups *
Sharable custom cleaners *
Batch file processing *
Automator support *
Integration with other apps *
Mac OS RequirementsLion
Snow Leopard